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Here’s the #1 way being more creative can actually have a
practical impact on your life that will only have positive results.

About Me

My name is Adam Claybourne Klausner

I’m interested in sustainable creativity, discipline, and destroying bad habits.

I am a Creativity Specialist. I’ve written hundreds of songs, self recorded albums, painted and sold over 50 original paintings, I’m an independent builder for 30+ clients in my area, and whole lot more.

My desire is to share my philosophy on life that lead me to graduating high school 2 years early, going to Maui when I was 17, meeting Elliott Hulse at age 18, meeting my wife in Maine at age 19, working all over the United States playing music and working with men, until deciding to lay low and start a family.

I’m not great, I’m not even good, but I am different from most and it has led to a great life full of family, fulfilling work, good pay, and truckloads of gratitude. I want that for others.

I specialize in teaching others the mindset it takes to be what I call a “Creative Adventurer” in life, take chances, follow the voice of their gut (not their heart) and how to differentiate between the two. I teach others how to revive the voice of their gut (which I believe is correlated with The Holy Spirit) and how to develop a stronger relationship with The Creator and how that will contribute to them becoming a more creative person.

I believe the happiest, most successful people are the most creative people. I don’t just mean creative in the sense of painting or playing a song, I mean the creativity muscle inside of all of us that helps us solve our problems, create opportunities, and create a beautiful life.

Want to work with me?

I’m doing 1-on-1 calls for FREE while I build my audience and develop my ability to effectively support and help people.

I want to work with a bunch of people to refine my teaching process and see the common thread that is troubling most people.

This is an extremely limited offer, if you’re interested apply here:

“Our gut points the direction on where to go in life, but we never know what it’s going to look like, or where following that direction will lead us. I can’t think of a time my gut led me down a bad road, rather it saved me from many.”

Adam Claybourne Klausner

Why am I doing this?


I genuinely want to help others have a better life. I see so many bad philosophies people hold unconsciously that are keeping them sick sad and depressed.


I’ve provided a wide variety of services to my clients throughout the years. I’ve learned how to listen, and observe the needs of others.


Life itself can be motivating and simple. Most people just need someone who will be blunt and truthful to hold them accountable.

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